” చతుస్సాగర పర్యంతం గోబ్రాహ్మణేభ్య శుభం భవతు “

” चतुः सागर पर्यंतम् गोब्रह्मणेब्य शुभम भवतु  “

Which means across the 4 large oceans, the cow and Brahmin must be safe – It is the society’s responsibility to protect these two. Brahman is one who stands for, works for, and lives for attaining the ultimate truth of Brahman (the God). Upanishads say Brahma Satyam Jagan Midhya. Hence people who live for Brahman the ultimate God shall be protected at all costs. Similarly we pray that “Go” Cow must be protected. Cow ensures protein to the child through milk; Cow urine and cow dung ensures medicinal values. In ancient times, cow is considered to be one of the parameters to measure the wealth of a person. Whoever has highest number of cows, he is considered to be the wealthy person. Thanks to the westernization and globalization, we started treating cow on par with other animals and neglected the need for protecting the cow. Even the agriculturalists and rural Indians failed to protect the cow either due to the lack of resources or due to the commercial thinking that replaced the brains of farmers who were more humanistic and empathetic hitherto. As a result we find the cows that did get proper care and there were many cows which ate plastic covers on the road in the process of licking the food stuck to the covers. The situation is pathetic. It is necessary to check this unfortunate phenomenon.

The Dhanwantari Foundation International took the responsibility of protecting the cow by constructing 2 sheds accommodating more than 80 cow and calf at Mallapuram village, Midzil Mandal, Mahbubnagar. It has provided, shelter, food, fodder preparation, fields to grow the feed, using the cow urine and cow dung for producing organic fertilizers and organic pesticides. It has an agricultural activity as a supplementary to the Cow protection activity. The DFI which believes in sanatana dharma identified various methods of procuring cows, rearing them with good food and protecting their health through Veterinary Doctor.

DFI provides opportunity for whoever interested in protecting the cow to participate in the activity either physically or financially or through materials. Different channels are provided starting from Rs. 200 for fodder for one cow to about Rs. 50, 000 for Godaanam. Members can come, stay and serve the cow as per their convenience. Necessary facilities will be provided.

We invite the people who are interested in Cow protection to join our Mission of GoSamrakshana.

Dr. K. V. Achalapathi, CEO