One of the most precious products of SAGARA MANTHANA is KAMADHENU – the one which can yield all righteous needs and can fulfill desires. But the seeker should get his deservingness to approach Kamadhenu. On physical plane of humanity, the cow is as good as Kamadhenu. Due to ignorance, stupidity, modern science distorted thinking has grossly neglected the importance of cow. Religious cruel attitude and money mongers are sending them to slaughter houses where they are mercilessly tortured and killed. The complete nutritional values of cow milk, right from neonate to fag end of life are unparalleled. Immunity boosting to withstand many microbes onslaughts is an established fact. Cow urine, cow dung used in various medicinal preparations is well known fact. Even till date, bulls are inseparable part of agriculture. Cow dung is proven arrester of dangerous radiations and poisonous air, proven at Bhopal Gas Tragic event. Properly used, the financial yield from various products has to be exploited. Particularly our indigenous cows are in danger. With such vast benefits yields, cow is named as Mother as alternate to birth giving mother.

It is difficult to maintain Goshalas at common man individual level. Institutions with good and righteous intention can do. Dhanwantari Gowshala having two sheds accommodating over 80 cows, we are taking care of all aspects of shelter, medication, grass, water, grazing etc. Though individuals desirous when they cannot maintain Gowshalas it is as good so by supporting such genuine institutions which are doing real service to cow. We appeal all cow protecting individuals and organizations to support our DFI Gosamrakshana Trust at their capacity. Our DFI Gosamrakshana Trust is having 80G section tax benefits to donations made.

The details of all activities and contribution modalities are given in our website. Desirous members can visit our GoShala at Midzil campus near Jadcherla.

Protecting cow is worshipping 33 crore Gods residing in it. Let us support this Mahayagna to protect our ecosystem and through balance ecosystem, the humanity to achieve ‘SARVE SANTU SUKHINAHA”.

Dr.P.Kamalakara Sharma
Founder & Managing Trustee